Complete the 2020-2021 Family Survey

The PHLpreK team is gathering feedback from PHLpreK families. Your answers will help us team determine what is working well and where we can improve.

Your responses are CONFIDENTIAL, meaning that your individual responses will not be shared. Neither your name nor your child’s name will be included in any results.

This survey is voluntary and will only take a few minutes. Complete the survey by June 30th for a chance to win a free gift!

If you have any questions, please contact Danielle Taylor, Community Engagement Coordinator, at

Complete the 2020-2021 PHLpreK Family Survey!

¡Complete la encuesta familiar de PHLpreK del periodo 2020-2021!

Примите участие в опросе для участников программы PHLpreK 2020-2021!

يرجى ملء الاستبيان المتعلق بالعائلات المشتركة في برنامج PHLpreK 2020-2021!

完成 2020-2021 PHLpreK 家庭调查问卷

2020-2021 yillariga oid PHLpreK oilaviy anketani to’ldiring!