How to apply for FreePhillyPreK

School Year 2024-2025

How to apply for FreePhillyPreK

  1. First, narrow down your list to your top three pre-K program choices.  You can explore pre-K programs in your area using our interactive FreePhillyPreK site. Please feel free to call or visit sites in person.
  1. Next, gather your documents. To apply, families will need the following:
    See below for a list of acceptable documents.
    • Proof of Child’s Age document
    • Proof of Family Residency document
    • Proof of Household Income
    • Caregiver ID
  1. Then it’s time to apply! Use the link below to submit an application online. If you need help you can:

Apply online for FreePhillyPreK!

Acceptable forms of documentation:

  1. Child’s Age: Proof that the child will be 3 or 4 on or by September 1, 2024.
    (Provide one of the following):
    • Birth Certificate
    • Valid US Passport
    • Hospital record of child’s birth
    • Visa or Green Card
    • Baptismal certificate indicating the child’s date of birth
    • Department of Human Services (DHS) letter on DHS letterhead
    • Child’s health insurance card
    • Clinic/doctor/hospital records
    • Official medical exam print out with child’s date of birth
    • Government Issued Document with Child’s Birthdate
    • Social Security documentation showing birthdate
    • Prior school or daycare records indicating the date of birth (previous preschool)
    • Notarized statement* from the parents or another relative indicating the date of birth
    • Court documents
  1. Family’s Residency: Proof that the family resides in Philadelphia County.
    (Document must be current and/or dated within the last 12 months) (Provide one of the following):
    • State issued ID or driver’s license
    • Voter ID showing address
    • Current lease/rental agreement or mortgage statement
    • Social Security Documentation
    • Current Utility Bill (PECO, PGW and/or Water)
    • Recent Employer Pay Stub
    • Wage statements (W2 tax form)
    • Child Care Works award letter received by parent
    • Mail/notice/award letter from County Assistance Office/DHS
    • Statement from social services agency attesting to client’s residence Foster Letter
    • Compass print out
    • Medical document, etc.
  1. Household Income: Documentation of Household Income. (Provide one of the following):
    • Proof of TANF cash/SSI
    • W-2, paystub, 1099
    • SNAP/food stamps
    • Signed statement of unemployment
  1. Caregiver ID: Picture Identification for the caregiver. (Provide one of the following):
    • Current State photo ID
    • Current Federal photo ID
    • Current Municipal photo ID

For more information about FreePhillyPreK and enrollment, visit our FAQ.

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